PBN coating Heater pyrolytic Boron Nitride Heating

PBN Coating

       1.  Product Instruction

            In High temperature, high vacuum, and High purity environment,
            PBN is usually used as coating material to protect the graphite. 
            PBN coating can avoid the graphite heating unit to volatilize in high temperature
      2.   Product Feature
High purity (99.999%)
            High insulativity
            Low outgassing in high temperature
            Coating can combined with substrate tightly, not easy to peel off
            High resistivity to chemical corrosion in high temperature
            High density and effectively prevent volatilization of substrate

Product Description
Product Name
snake type graphite heater with PBN coating used for photovoltaic Solar parts
pyrolytic Boron Nitride
paper box

Graphite Heater PBN coating

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Tube PBN Tube

1. Using imported graphite processing, stable heating performance and long service life
2. Good chemical stability, resistance to acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion;
3. Graphite has good high temperature resistance, and its melting point is 3850±50℃.
4. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has good thermal shock resistance.
5. The strength increases with the increase of temperature and reaches the extreme value at 2000°C.

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