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Ceramic labwares brief introduction:

ceramic labwares

ceramic labwares

1, Category: The products mainly include ceramic crucible, combustion boat, mortar and pestle, reaction plate, evaporating dish, funnel, clay triangle, etc

2, Materials: Alumina, Corundum, silicon dioxide, carborundum, mullite, cordierite, clay,etc , the usage temperature from 1200℃ to 1800℃

3, Shape: cone, arc, cylinder, oval, square, rectangle, irregular or customized

4, Capacity: 5-2000ml or customized

Ceramic Labwares main categories:

1, Crucible

ceramic crucible

ceramic crucible

Crucible is an important part of the chemical instruments, it is the vessel for metal liquid melting & refining and heating & reaction of solid and liquid, is the basis to ensure the chemical reactions proceed smoothly.

The materials we can supply include alumina crucibles, zirconia crucibles, SiC graphite crucibles, magnesia crucibles, BN crucibles, Quartz crucibles, Y2O3 crucibles, Si3N4 crucibles, BaO3Zr crucibles, BeO crucibles, B4C crucibles, Fire assay crucibles and cupels, Clay crucibles, etc.

Application:  The crucible is suitable for melting such metals as copper, gold ,silver, zinc, aluminium , lead .etc.

Mainly used in the various powder sintering and metal smelting in the fields of metallurgy, chemical and glass industry,etc

Features:  High-temperature resistance, anti oxidation, corrosion resisting, abrasion resistance, good conductivity and thermal efficiency.

Alumina  crucibles description:

Size: Capacity: 2-10000ml,

Shape: Cylindrical Form, High Form, Conical Form, Boats and other

Features: 1)    High quality 99.7% alumina alumina

2)    Max working temperature 1800℃

3)    Capacity from 2ml to 10000ml.

4)    All shapes are avalible

5)    Max working temperature: 1800℃.

2, combustion boat

combustion boat

combustion boat

Material: porcelain, corundum, quartz, etc

Typical Sizes: 72mm, 77mm, 88mm, 95mm, 97mm (length)

3, Mortar and pestle

ceramic mortar and pestle

ceramic mortar and pestle

Material: porcelain, alumina, corundum, etc

Application: vessel with pestle for grinding materials in laboratory

Typical Sizes: 60mm、80mm、90mm、100mm、130mm、160mm、216mm、254mm、305mm (diameter)

4, Evaporating Dish

evaporating dish

evaporating dish

Evaporating dish is the ware which can be used for evaporation concentrated solution or solid ignition. It is the most common and basic equipment in the lab. 

Type: with and without handle

Material: porcelain, alumina, corundum, quartz, etc

Capacity: 10-1000ml

5, Buchner Funnel

buchner funnel

buchner funnel

Buchner funnel is a porcelain funnel with a flat, perforated bottom.

This funnel is used only for vacuum filtration. A holed rubber stopper or adapter is needed to hold the funnel in place inside the neck of a suitably-sized filter flask. When the side-arm of the filter flask is attached to the aspirator (or to a vacuum trap attached to the aspirator), any liquid poured into the top of the Buchner funnel is quickly sucked into the flask, ideally leaving any particulate matter or precipitate on the filter paper inside the funnel.

Any precipitate can then be effectively air-dried simply by leaving the vacuum connected, drawing air through the precipitate. Sizes may vary.

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